General Questions

Talk Big is a business to business training company providing training programs for technology and engineering companies to better communicate their value proposition to their staff, customers, partners and investors.

Talk Big Communication Training is tailored to sales teams, senior executives and leadership teams to improve clarity and effectiveness in communication. We specialise in training professionals how to improve engagement of Webinars, how to connect with their audience using storytelling and how to build their confidence in Presentation Skills and Public Speaking.

Talk Big Limited’s head office is in Northern Ireland and delivers Programs and Training Courses in the USA, UK, Asia and Europe.

At the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic we transferred all our training programs to online delivery via Zoom. 


Repeatable methodology, applicable to many scenarios long after the initial training

Easy to use framework for your content

Proven techniques to deliver your content with high impact

Instils confidence in your ability and the delivery of your presentation

Methodology is based on research and science

Reduced reliance on notes

Opportunity to practice and rehearse with feedback from your coach

Sales Related Questions

Using Video significantly improves engagement with your prospects. We teach sales teams how to dramatically improve video prospecting effectiveness with our proven 3-step methodology to define the best 180 words to use in a prospecting video.

The Talk Big Webinar Engagement Program is designed to distil sophisticated sales and product messages to address your customers’ needs effectively. The program teaches how to provide clarity on your products and services features and benefits and how they address your customer’s needs. The webinar program helps your business connect to your online audience using messaging they will relate to.


First, understand why your audience is attending your webinar and meet their needs with an engaging and well-scripted introduction and presentation. Second, don’t over-complicate the messaging as the goal of a Webinar is to progress along the buyer journey, not close the deal or dazzle them with ‘technical stuff’.


Yes, the Talk Big Webinar Engagement program is an opportunity to assess, and refocus your introduction, messaging, question handling and call to action. Talk Big customers experience significant increases in customer engagement and dramatic reductions in Webinar drop-offs 


Talk Big’s Webinar program includes scripting to simplify sophisticated technical concepts into customer benefits.

Course Related Questions

The program consists of five 1-hour sessions for each participant broken down as follows:

  • Session 1 engaging introductions
  • Session 2 structuring your webinar
  • Session 3 question and objection handling
  • Session 4 practice
  • Session 5 rehearsal

None, although a good understanding of your products and services value proposition and market positioning would prove valuable. If you don’t have these, we can development some clarity on positioning and value in Session one


Yes. Confidently delivering executive updates to Senior Executives, Directors or investors comes from having three things: 1) An engaging introduction, 2) well-structured logical ‘story’ that’s easy to follow and digest 3) a professional question handling technique- all of which you will learn in our Programs and Courses.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We offer a free 30 minute initial consultation to discuss how we can help your business.

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